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Linkedin, why for me!?


  • About

Is LinkedIn one more social media? Well yes and no. Yes, because it’s a place where we meet people in order to share content with each other. We publish things online and we read, listen and watch other people’s content. And therefore, we can  engage in conversations.

But what is special about this network?

  • B2B

First of all, it is mainly what we call a B2B social media. Because most of the people connected to it are mainly focused on work, services, etc.

LinkedIn is a B2B social media

Communication is always between individuals, but they are always showing their professional profile. So they communicate in the name of a corporation, institution, as contractors, specialists or employees. This is the kind of people we are going to be able to meet in there.

  • Searching

Another thing to keep in mind is that each and everyone of these individuals are looking for something. A manager may be offering a job, he/she will receive an employee’s workforce in return. A job-seeker will be offering his/her services, aiming to receive a new, better position in exchange.

Everyone is searching something on LinkedIn

A corporation may be offering a very specific mandate, in need of a new contractor. A specialist will be offering that very specific thing that he/she does, and expects to receive a contract. A businessman will offer a project and will be able to reach a potential partner, etc.

And, in the meantime, we’re all promoting our brands.

  • Market

So the essential thing to understand about LinkedIn is that it is a transactional spot. We are all searching, giving something and expecting something else in return.

LinkedIn is a market

It’s the place where offer and demand meet. Yes, it is a marketplace.And for many people, it is THE marketplace itself, where good business happen.

  • Me?

But what about me?

Why should I be there?

What’s in it for me?

Well, as a general rule, as long as we are all part of the economical world, there is always some kind of advantage we can extract from it. So, for almost every person it could be useful to be part of it.

What is in LinkedIn for me?

The question here is what role will I have in the play?

What is my position?

What am I looking for?

What am I offering?

What do I expect in return?

Well only you can answer those. In any case, it is important that you have a clear idea of why you are going to be there and what your goal will be.

And, from here, you will build the rest.

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