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What we do

Market21.ch provides small businesses, concerned by sustainability, with the tools to improve the communication of their values and boost their results, respecting the environment and society.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where a balance between environment, business and society is achieved, so that we all can improve our quality of life.

André Guillen - Ethical Marketing
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Hi, my name is André Guillen and I help associations and businesses promote their values and improve their results, in the most sustainable way.

I’m passionate about nature and well-being, but I am also passionate about technology. And I try to find the balance between them.


Global warming is a great concern for me, as it is for most of us. But I do believe it will be defeated changing the ways we do things, as well as with disruptive technological solutions.


 It’s just marketing, you konw?

Why ethical marketing?

We often hear the word marketing as a synonym of fake or lie. “You know, it’s just marketing” someone would say. And that is the case sometimes, when we think about some specific corporate strategies.

This fact and essential concepts as sustainability and solidarity lead me to the concept of ethical marketing.

Basically, it just makes sense for me to offer my services as a marketer, with a long term perspective and making sure my client’s strategy respects the environment and contributes to the general well-being, respecting the common good. So ethics and sustainability are the fundamental forces that drive my work.

Because, in a time in which short term results are the priority, I am absolutely certain that ethical marketing, in the long run, not only is better for the community, but it is also very much more profitable.

That is clearly a win-win situation!

Sustainability, bio food commerce, bio agriculture, slow movement, solidarity, renewable energies, local commerce … that is where I feel comfortable. It is when I can help the key actors involved in these fields that I feel professionally fulfilled

André Guillen - Marketing Ethique

André Guillen
is a Marketing Consultant
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